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Old Spice, Dove and Alyssa Milano - Social Media Gets Steamy

Unless you have been living under a rock lately, chances are you've seen some of Old Spice's latest Extreme Brand Makeover attempt. Old Spice is on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Not to mention 'those' ads on TV. For a scent only your grand-daddy could love, all of a sudden Old Spice *cough* Old Spice Guy is everywhere.

Perhaps the coolest thing about viral campaigns that really hit their mark is that they usually reach a point where it takes on a life of its own. Old Spice Guy has been responded to, parodied and even some other beauty brands are getting roped into this fracus.

Here is a quick roundup of some of the Old Spice Guy's highlights to date...

The TV commercial introduced us to Old Spice Guy (real name Isaiah Mustafa) and we haven't been the same since :-)

Then some guy called 'OhDoctah' posts a brilliant response to Old Spice Guy on YouTube which got picked up by popular blog BoingBoing. Watch how he ropes Dove into this too...

Old Spice Guy then started responding to consumers on Twitter and YouTube in a style that has now become famous...

Old Spice Guy was really on a roll at this point and was catching the eye of celebrities, including Alyssa Milano...

And then Alyssa Milano responds...

At this point Old Spice Guy is a runaway social media hit. If social media had a Summer Blockbuster season like movies, Old Spice would undoubtedly be this Summer's top box-office draw.

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