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The Importance Of Knowing Your DiSC Profile

If you are someone who is working at a business-oriented company and your main role has to do something with sales, then it is actually good to know something about the Everything DiSC Sales structure.  When it comes to sales, you may have been wondering, “Why does it seem easy for my co-worker to talk to customers while I have a hard time convincing a potential client of mine to purchase our products?

DiSC Profile

DiSC Profile

Perhaps you are someone who can easily interact with customers who are always bubbly, especially ones who tend to make small talk or create a light conversation about the product.  Or, maybe you are actually the opposite, in which you would rather deal with customers who ask about the product, and would buy without any hesitation after their questions have been answered.  Or, perhaps you are one of those who can work best when customers tend to become skeptic over the products and it is challenging and enjoyable for you to convince them otherwise.

No matter what kind of personality you have when it comes to interacting with customers, you will definitely gain better insight if you undergo a DiSC test or DiSC assessment.

Your personality when it comes to salesmanship, termed as your DiSC profile or style, will be derived from the Everything DiSC model.  It is a very simple assessment tool which has proved to help people connect and communicate better with customers and other individuals for more than 3 decades now.  The Everything DiSC model can help you analyze your individuality, which can help you understand various information regarding your sales preferences and priorities.  Also, the DiSC model can tell you how to connect and communicate better with customers whose buying preferences and priorities differ from yours.

DiSC stands for dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness respectively.  When you have completed your DiSC test and your DiSC profile has been determined, you will come to learn, recognize and understand your priorities as well as you will also get an idea of what causes different types of customers to behave or act.  For instance, if you come to learn that your personality or DiSC profile is harmonious to that of your client’s, then you will most likely have a good time talking to your client and closing a sale without any problems.  However, in case your DiSC profile tends to clash with your client’s, then you may need to learn how to adapt to your client so that you can still close a sale at the end of the day.